Sunday, 28 March 2010

Which Way Is Up (Trail Building Sunday 28th March)

Today the majority of the crew were working on Upper Cliff, some on the climb and some on the descent.

Martin and myself were planting more waymarkers around Five Ways much to the amusement to the hoards of Scouts and Guides passing on their return from Beaudesert.

Once we were done we headed to join the others and whacker the surfacing they had laid. We also tried the re-whacker some surfacing Martin laid last week but it had absorbed a lot of water and Dale's rolling pin had to come to the rescue!

After returning to base and shutting up shop Andrew and myself returned to attache some waymarker tiles to the new posts.

Andrew has single handedly done this for all of the 'Monkey Trail' and they are looking great (expect a blog on his waymarking adventures soon!)


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Never Ending Story (Trail Building Sunday 21st March)

One final week adding surfacing to 'The Link' today (the location of the legendary Big Barrow Day).

The surfacing just seem to keep on the coming, the more we use the more Bob the digger driver manages to find and deliver for us.

Once we had finished laying what was left of surfacing material (a total of 60 tonnes has been spread and wackered on the hillside!) we headed off to Deerskull. This is the singletrack descent through the larch trees down into Rainbow Valley. There were several patches that needed a little tlc – more wheelbarrowing and wackering.

During a trail inspection, we had noticed several dead trees that could fall onto the trail during high winds - one had already landed half across the trail. Martin and myself left the others and headed off with chainsaw in hand. Three trees were dispatched, two coming down with a good crash!

Rob / Andrew

Friday, 19 March 2010

Around the bend (Trail Building Friday 19th March)

While Bruce and Jez were have fun in the mud getting a job lot of wood up to the Red Monkey to build a crib wall, Dave, Martin and myself started tidying the climb out of Rainbow Valley. Firstly we refitted the bridge deck board that Dave had routed with “CYCLE ROUTE - NO PEDESTRIANS” and erected the “KLONDIKE BRIDGE” sign in front of the oak tree. I reckon Dave has done a cracking job – look out for more of his handiwork when the trail opens next month.

Now, with Jez being a big lad and riding a “man size” bike, he struggled to make some of the switchback turns during a test ride of the climb. Judging by the tyre marks on the banking around several corners, he was not the only one.

We spent most of the day, reshaping and wackering the switchbacks … I lost count at seven. They now look business – please don’t ride them whilst the surface settles.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

It Beats Working For A Living (Trail Building 18th, 19th & 20th March)

Several of the regulars had booked days off work this week so we managed to fit in a couple of extra trail building sessions to help get everything ready for the launch.

On Thursday Bruce, Dave, Alex & myself set about finishing the rock work we started last Sunday. Rock surfacing a couple of meters of trail may sound easy but given the size of the rocks it was no easy task and required a fair amount of effort. Unfortunately the photo was taken after we'd finished and shows Bruce and Dave stroking the rocks and checking they were all ok!

Meanwhile Martin spent the whole day digging and surfacing part of the black trail lower down the hill and did a cracking job working away tirelessly on his own.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mystery Mules (Trail Building Sunday 14th March)

Today ,we were off to section “M” to rock armour a short down hill section that leads into some board walk & carry out some surfacing work. Access was limited & the order of the day was muscle power….with a little “Landrover assistance”.

Initially ,the group split into two, with one doing some resurfacing work on J & the other making a start on the rockwork. Group one soon had the surfacing sorted & it was then all hands on deck with the rock moving.

Due to the size of the rocks, the location & heath & safety to consider, progress was slow & the day long, however we managed to get 2/3rds completed & will return next week to finish it off.

This section is going to be so sweet!! Remember ,anybody wanting to help out when we are moving rock will need to ensure they are wearing steel top capped boots.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Link Return (Trail Building Sunday 7th March)

Another good turn out this week saw us returning to the “link” to continue surfacing the top section of the trail. A nice big pile of material had been “JCB`d” into place at top of the hill ready for us to distribute by wheel barrow. Admittedly, it was a lot easier this week, as we were barrowing down the trail, but there was still a fair bit of effort put in to shift the large pile of material…..& every last bit was used. The weather had been kind too, which meant the surface went down dry & was easier to compact with the wacker.

Junior trail builders Jessica & Josh showed Jez how it was done with proper “man size” wheelbarrows this week too! Dave had another one of those “doesn’t really count” birthdays & provided various cakes for all to enjoy….cheers Dave.

We also had a couple of guys turn up from International Mountain bike Magazine to take piccy`s & get the low down for a possible feature in a future issue. Keep your eyes out in future issues:

We wrapped up with three of our crash test dummies giving the top section a quick test ride & judging by the grins, all appeared to go well.

Thanks to all that turned up again & remember, there s still plenty to keep us busy before the grand opening on the 17th April!!