Saturday, 1 December 2012

Monkey Trail Diversion – Update from the Forestry Commission

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The harvesting work is now 50% complete. We are investigating whether we can reopen some sections of the trail as the contractors have nearly reached the start of the initial diversion. Harvesting sites are dangerous places and it is imperative than forest users stay out of these areas. Contravening these exclusion zones not only endangers your own life, but also the harvesting contractors. It also slows down the operation and consequently the speed at which the trail can be re-opened. It is important to remember that the trail closure is only around 10% of entire trail network of which is the long fire road climb.  We are already talking to a contractor about trail reinstatement to ensure we can get the trail open as soon as we can.

Gary (FC Recreation Ranger)


  1. Didn't like the fire road climb anyway - but really appreciate your update and consideration to our 'addiction'.

  2. I walked round by there last week and couldn't believe the mess they've made of the coarse !! I know it's a working forest but did they really need to put so many different tracks through what used to be such a really flowing part of the monkey ?? I just hope it can be put back to how it was cause it'll be a real shame to lose this part of the monkey !!